Ravens: Spassky vs. Fischer

Get your discount tickets to Hampstead Theatre’s new play

Press Release, 14 November 2019


  • CSC has partnered with Hampstead Theatre ahead of new play opening – Ravens: Spassky vs. Fischer.
  • Partnership offers London Chess Classic attendees and chess fans a third off ticket prices in opening weeks.
  • Gripping play explores the 1972 World Chess Championship, played against the backdrop of the Cold War.
  • Discount can be accessed by entering the code LCC2019 at checkout on the Hampstead Theatre website.


Chess in Schools and Communities has partnered with Hampstead Theatre to offer attendees of this year’s London Chess Classic discounted tickets to the exciting chess play coming to NW London. The play runs at the same time as the London Chess Classic.


Ravens: Spassky vs. Fischer depicts the celebrated ‘Match of The Century’.


As World Champion Boris Spassky prepares to defend his title against his challenger, the maverick superstar Bobby Fischer, at the 1972 Championship, the stakes have never been higher. Not only the world title, but unprecedented prize money and stratospheric fame are all on the table. Never before in chess history has a match attracted such global media attention.



Against the backdrop of the Cold War, the Kremlin and the White House spot a major opportunity to demonstrate superiority over the other. But with sport as the weapon of choice, both sides find themselves undermined by their pawns, who seem oddly unwilling to cooperate.



As the two superpowers prepare their opening gambits in a proxy battle of ideologies, Tom Morton-Smith’s gripping psychological thriller explores how two very different individuals were co-opted to stand for contrasting political systems.


Ravens: Spassky vs. Fischer is written by award-winning writer Tom Morton-Smith, who received critical acclaim and five-star reviews for his RSC/West End hit Oppenheimer. Robert Emms stars as Fischer and Ronan Raftery as Spassky.


Thanks to Chess in Schools and Communities, chess fans and attendees of the London Chess Classic can enjoy discounted tickets to the first two weeks of Ravens: Spassky vs. Fischer, which runs 29th November 2019 – 18th January 2020.


During previews (29 Nov – 4 Dec), top-band tickets can be booked for just £19.50 (usually £30) and after press night (6 Dec – 14 Dec), they can be booked for just £24.50 (usually £37), subject to availability on each night. To access this offer, attendees need only enter the code LCC2019 at checkout on the Hampstead Theatre website.


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