Big Four Join the Fray

Press Release BKO 2 | 09 November 2018


  • England top 4 Mickey Adams, David Howell, Gawain Jones and Luke McShane join the British Knockout Championship at the quarter-final stage.

  • They join four qualifiers from Round 1, including giant-killing IMs Alan Merry and Ravi Haria, who knocked out GMs John Nunn and Matthew Turner, respectively.


LONDON (December 9, 2018) - England Olympiad team members Mickey Adams, David Howell, Gawain Jones and Luke McShane join the Quarter-Final stage today. Live coverage is available on the London Chess Classic website.





Mickey Adams GM 2706


David Howell GM 2697


Gawain Jones GM 2683


Luke McShane GM 2667

Quarter Finals (Sunday Dec. 9) (First-named player is White in Game 1)


1   Simon Williams v Mickey Adams

2   David Howell v Ravi Haria

3   Gawain Jones v Alan Merry

4   Jonathan Hawkins v Luke McShane


Round 1 saw two underdogs triumph: Alan Merry defeated John Nunn in their Armageddon playoff game, while Ravi Haria beat Matthew Turner 2-0 in their tie-break games.


Jonathan Hawkins beat Jovanka Houska in the tie-breaks, but only after Jovanka forced a playoff with a win in Classical Game 2. Meanwhile, Simon Williams beat Harriet Hunt 1.5-0.5 in their Classical match.


Quarter-Final Schedule:

Game 1: 1100 - 1500; Game 2: 1600 - 2000; Playoffs: 2030 - 2200. Time limits: Classical games: 90 mins plus 30 secs per move increment throughout.


Playoffs (2 games): 10 mins plus 5 secs per move increment throughout. If still undecided, Armageddon game 5 mins v 4 mins, with 2 secs increment per move from move 61.



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