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A Classic Study by Yochanan Afek

Endgame studies in chess are, according to those two wise old sages Jon Levitt and David Friedgood, in their simply must-read and very entertaining tome Secrets of Spectacular Chess , essentially, well worked-out versions of other people's chess fantasies. You can imagine a chess composer thinking: "Would it not be fabulous if a chess game could be finished like this...?"



White to play and win




One person who regularly fantasises in this way is our old friend Yochanan Afek (http://www.afekchess.com), who is one of the world's best known and most prolific composers. Uniquely, he holds four 'international' titles - IM for over the board play and for composition, and international arbiter for both - and he has a fifth title, FM for problem solving. He is also a regular contributor to many magazines, including CHESS Magazine, and an award-winning author.


In his teens Yochanan was fortunate enough to come under the wing of not one, but two, legends of Israeli chess - Moshe Czerniak and Yair Kraidman. Inspired by them he started composing early in life, and was also organising chess tournaments at 16. Now at 61, he can look back on no fewer than 46 years as a dedicated chess professional.


British players will be familiar with Yochanan's amiable presence over the years at Isle of Man, Hastings, Lloyds Bank Masters and Oakham tournaments. And in two previous London Opens at Olympia, in 2010 and 2011, he made impressive scores by only making one draw in eighteen games - so he's not so amiable at the board!


Yochanan has once again paid us the honour of dedicating an original study for this yearís London Chess Classic. In the diagram, itís White to play and win.


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