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Super 16 Rapid Seedings


The seedings for the London Chess Classic ‘Super Sixteen’ are announced.


The players will be divided into four groups consisting of one from each pool (below) in a draw to be performed by the chess team of Ravenscroft Primary School in Newham, London, who were the first school to take part in the Chess in Schools and Communities scheme in 2010.


The school has excelled in local competition and will receive an award for outstanding achievement from the British Chess Educational Trust at the London Chess Classic next week.


Seedings are based on FIDE rapid play ratings. If a player has no rapid play rating, the standard rating is used:


Pool 1: Hikaru Nakamura, 2812; Vishy Anand, 2794; Peter Svidler, 2789; Fabiano Caruana, 2783.

Pool 2: Vladimir Kramnik, 2777; Michael Adams, 2746; Boris Gelfand, 2718; Nigel Short, 2711.

Pool 3: Luke McShane, 2684; Judit Polgar, 2669; David Howell, 2649; Matthew Sadler, 2646.

Pool 4: Gawain Jones, 2615; Jonathan Rowson, 2569. Plus two qualifiers from the FIDE Open.

Jonathan Rowson Gets Classic Wild Card Call-Up

29 November, 2013


The three-time British Champion, GM Jonathan Rowson, steps up to play in the biggest tournament of his career after being given the wild card spot into ‘The Super Sixteen’ Grandmaster Rapid at the London Chess Classic, that runs 7-15 December at the Kensington Olympia. Two spots remain to be filled for the Super Sixteen, and two players will win their way there from the FIDE Open at the Classic.

It was hoped that the new World Champion, Magnus Carlsen would play in the London Chess Classic, which was the primary reason the wild card spot was devised this year for the tournament. However, due to a heavy workload, and the need for rest after his recent title match in Chennai with Vishy Anand, Carlsen, regretfully, had to decline the spot.

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Craigfelen Primary pupils in Swansea chosen for London Chess Classic 2013


By Rarken | Posted: December 04, 2013



Pupils at Craigfelen Primary with Debbie Evans of CSC


IT’S checkmate for one group of talented youngsters as they prepare to make a move to a major chess festival.


Pupils from Craigfelen Primary School have been chosen to take part in the London Chess Classic 2013, which will see young players from around Wales and England rubbing shoulders with Grand Masters and world champions.


Former Welsh chess international Deborah Evans visits the Clydach primary once a week as part of a drive by the charity Chess in Schools and Communities to spread the love - and benefits - of the game to the next generation.


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Three On Form for the Classic


17.10.13 - There's now just 50 days to the start of the London Chess Classic, and recently, three of the top players in the 'Super Sixteen' have shown that they are on form and could well be a force to reckon with, come the final day of play on 15th December 2013.


The young Italian star Fabiano Caruana, 20, won the 7th Kings Tournament in Bucharest, Romania this week. The performance puts Caruana within striking distance of becoming only the seventh player - the others being: Kasparov, Kramnik, Anand, Topalov, Carlsen and Aronian - to break the 2800 rating barrier. On the unofficial live rating list, Caruana, at 2792, is now No 4 in the world after jumping ahead of his rival Hikaru Nakamura, the US No 1.


And we also give a tip of the hat to Peter "Mr Seven-Time" Svidler, who, this week in Nizhny Novgorod, once again won the Russian Championship Superfinal after beating Ian Nepomniachtchi in a playoff for the title. Svidler now goes one better than Mikhail Botvinnik and Mikhail Tal, who each won six Soviet Championship titles. Following his success, there was typical Svidler tweet "Thanks for the kind word everyone, feels all warm and fuzzy inside - and not only because I'm somewhat inebriated."


And following his summer success in winning the Dortmund super-tournament, Mickey Adams, the UK and English No 1, continues his good form with yet another superb performance in coming second behind Levon Aronian in a two-horse race at the recent Bilbao Masters Final in Spain. On the live ratings, the popular Cornishman now makes his return to the World's Top 10 for the first time in over a decade.

Festival Entry Form


Chess in Schools and Communities is pleased to publish the Festival Entry form for this year's historic Classic. The main events include:

FIDE Open (9 round Swiss Event) with a £10,500 prize fund!

Weekday Tournaments (5 round Swiss Events)

Weekend Tournaments (5 round Swiss Events)

Rapidplay Tournaments (6 round Swiss Events)

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Entry for Festival Events!


Chess in Schools and Communities is delighted to announce that entries are still open for the UK's largest chess festival.


The 5th London Chess Classic will run Saturday 7th - Sunday 15th December 2013. The marquee event is the ‘Super Sixteen’ Rapidplay featuring the World’s Elite and the Best of British.


The festival also has events for all abilities and ages, with over £18,000 in prize money. In addition, there are blitz tournaments and Grandmaster simultaneous displays with former British Champions Julian Hodgson, John Nunn and Jon Speelman.


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Win your way to the Super Sixteen!



19.9.13 - Chess in Schools and Communities is delighted to announce today a novel way for any chess player, of any rating, to have their dream come true and compete alongside the World’s Elite and the Best of British at the 5th London Chess Classic, running from Saturday 7th December to Sunday 15th December 2013.


This year the LCC FIDE Open will qualify the two highest-scoring players after four rounds into the ‘Super Sixteen’ Rapidplay that features an all-star cast ...


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Chess helps children with learning disorders


CHENNAI 4th Nov: Chess is not just title clash between Anand and Carlsen, or merely a battle of wits. The popular game can actually help children with learning disorders. "It's the art of the coach to use chess as a tool either to silence or stimulate a particular part of the brain", says Ebenezer Joseph, FIDE trainer and chief consultant of Emmanuel Chess Centre.


Ebenezer, the first Indian to be certified as a chess trainer by the World Chess Federation, says children who play chess have shown 100% improvement in academic performances.


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Top six English players to play in 5th London Chess Classic


10.9.13 - Chess in Schools and Communities is delighted to announce today that the six leading English players, Michael Adams, Luke McShane, Nigel Short, Matthew Sadler, David Howell and Gawain Jones have accepted their invitation to play in the 5th London Chess Classic to be staged at the Olympia Conference Centre in Kensington, running from Saturday 7th December to Sunday 15th December.


Life begins at 41 for the UK No.1, Michael Adams, who was one of the world’s best players in the 1990s. He was a four-time semi-finalist (1993, 1997, 1999 and 2000) in World Championship events, and in 2004 he made it to the final. He was ranked No.4 in the world in 2001 and 2002, but by 2009 had dropped to No.50.


Since then, the popular Cornishman has seen a renaissance in his game with a return to elite status; and this summer, he scored the biggest tournament victory of his career by winning the Sparkassen Chess Meeting in Dortmund, Germany, ahead of a field that included Vladimir Kramnik, the former world champion and world No. 3, and Fabiano Caruana of Italy, who is ranked fifth.


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Caruana, Gelfand, Svidler and Polgar sign up to play


06.9.13 - Chess in Schools and Communities is delighted to announce that another four international stars, Fabiano Caruana, Boris Gelfand, Peter Svidler and Judit Polgar have accepted their invitation to play in the 5th London Chess Classic.


They will now join World Champion Vishy Anand, recent World Cup winner Vladimir Kramnik and the US No.1, Hikaru Nakamura who have also confirmed they will play in the 5th London Chess Classic.


The rest of the 16-player field will be announced early next week.


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World Cup Winner Vladimir Kramnik to play


03.9.13 - Chess in Schools and Communities is delighted to announce today that GM Vladimir Kramnik, the recent Fide World Cup winner in Tromsø Norway, has accepted his invitation to play in the 5th London Chess Classic.


London has become a happy hunting ground for Kramnik. Not only has the former World Champion been a regular at the London Chess Classic, winning the 2011 edition, and runner-up twice (behind Magnus Carlsen, the World No.1, on both occasions), in 2009 and 2012, but in 2000, London was also the venue for his historic world title win over Garry Kasparov.


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Schedules 2013

30.8.13 - The schedules for this year's Classic Rapidplay and Festival of Events are published.

5th London Classic, December 7-15, 2013

22.6.13 - I am delighted to announce that the 5th London Chess Classic will take place at Olympia from Saturday December 7th to Sunday December 15th. The 5th Classic will not feature top level Classical Chess, but it will be headlined by a world class Rapid tournament as well some celebrity contests if I can find some celebs that are brave enough.



The switch to Rapid is because Vishy Anand and Magnus Carlsen will doubtless be very tired so soon after the conclusion of their world title match at Chennai which is scheduled to end on November 26th.


The schools events will be expanded and the festival, with weekenders, FIDE Open, simultaneous displays and lectures will take place as usual.


The FIDE Open will probably act as a qualifier for the main event and there will be some Blindfold Chess and Chess 960 so it should be an all round chess extravaganza.


Tickets will go on sale in September after the field has been finalised. The venue will again be Olympia.


Please watch this site for more information including the festival entry form. Latest developments will be posted on Twitter via @londonclassic. Once again there'll be a cutting edge live broadcast and I'm looking forward to welcoming you to the biggest Classic ever.


Malcolm Pein

Chief Executive

Chess in Schools and Communities


LIVE broadcast videos from the 2012 Classic by Macauley Peterson






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