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I would like to say a huge “thank you” to you and to everyone who played a part in organising and running the schools’ event today.


The boys who came last year enjoyed themselves greatly, but I have to say that those who returned this year, as well as my colleague and I, all felt that today was a special event which far surpassed last year.


It was an absolute pleasure to bring young chess players to such a welcoming, well thought out and well organised event; and it was quite clearly a pleasure for the boys to take part. The fact that they came back with a cup obviously helped, but they were all really happy before the prize-giving and the results were announced. The same seemed to be true of the children from the other schools present.


If I might make two specific observations, the organisation of the tournament part of the day was so much smoother with the novel ‘no name’ system; and it was great to have the Classic games underway so that the children could see (although sadly briefly) the GMs at play. It was heartening to have eleven year olds not known for spending long on their moves talking with surprise mingled with admiration rather than scorn about the fact that they had watched Judit for nearly ten minutes without her making a move.


Of course it takes a large team to make the event work, and I hope you will be able to pass on my thanks to them, but to those more “front of house” I would like to say a particular thank you: to Daniel King for taking the time to play a few more moves with the boys in the simul rather than adjudicating when he was told to! To Mr King again, and Chris Ward, for their entertaining (and of course educational) double act; to Malcolm Pein, for today, but also more generally for helping to bring such a great tournament to London chess nuts, young and old(er); and to you for your efficient help both in advance of the tournament…and today with my parking.


With every good wish for the rest of the tournament, and for Christmas,

Matt | King’s College Junior School



Well done on another fantastic Chess Classic! It gets better and bigger every year - we are already looking forward to next year's!

Sheela | Harpenden





Hope it's going to help children. Please enjoy your chess time. It's the best game, art, science and sport. Keep up the good job with the tourney in London.


Great work Malcolm with such smooth organisation of this major event which promotes chess in the UK and around the world.


I am please to help a little in this great effort to help Chess in Schools & Communities.


Excellent tournament, keep up the good work!


Fantastic tournament, brilliant commentary, laudable cause.


I'd like to support teaching chess for children! And I'm a fascinated spectator of the broadcast and games on highest level.


I have been a regular visitor to this great tournament. It is an inspiring occasion, and Chess in Schools and Communities is a wonderful cause.


I've enjoyed the London Chess Classic broadcast so much I feel obliged giving at least a little money for this great entertainment!


The 3 points for a win format makes for exciting chess. Well done the commentary team.


One of the greatest Tournament since quite a while - happy to donate and hopefully make it happen again.


Good luck with the project. It's a great game - enjoy.


Tournament is great for London and project is great for kids.


Excellent event, well appreciated.


Making chess a good online show is great direction...


Fantastic event, I'm thrilled to support it and your broader goal of chess in schools. Keep up the amazing work.


I'm happy to support this kind of event and also to promote chess in school as I did here in France giving chess lessons in a grammar school for one year.


Fantastic tournament and brilliant online coverage and I look forward to many future London chess festivals. Delighted to support chess in schools too.


A big highlight of the chess year!


Wonderful event and really to see all the kids playing the game when I was there on Wednesday. Keep up the good work!


In appreciation of the good work for CSC by all involved and the coverage of the Classic.


I fully support your work in this area. Keep up the good work!


Great cause.


This is a good cause!


Believe chess in schools to be a good cause.


I believe this is a great project.


I'm a long time chess player also helping coach juniors. I'm happy to support a charity with the goals of increasing Chess for children in Schools.


I love chess -- and find your goals and ambitions for the UK very admirable. Best of Luck!


Great event at LCC and a great project to develop chess in schools and communities.


I believe that chess is great for developing young minds and personalities, and encourage its adoption in schools. Romit, Mumbai, India.


Great event. All the best in adopting chess in schools!


I live in Norway and I'm a fan of Magnus Carson. I hope he can be an inspiration to boys and girls in Britain to take an interest in chess and who knows what can happen.


Great tournament and coverage. Hope a real impact can be made in schools.


Great Chess Classic 2012. Well organised and pleasant.


£10 donation + gift aid re Chess program to be sent with chess board thank you.


Keep up the amazing work!


Excellent cause ... if this donation helps young people to get a fraction out of chess that I did as a youngster then means it's money well spent.


Enjoyed visiting the London Chess Classic again this year. Nice to see so many school children there being introduced to the game.


Watched and really enjoyed the London Chess Classic webstream for the past couple of years. Keep up the good work!


Dear organiser of London Chess Classic 2012,


Thank you for a wonderful tournament this year. Unfortunately I was not able to be present during the prize giving ceremony for the FIDE Open where I got second in my rating category, winning £150. However, I would very much like to donate this money to the Chess in Schools and Communities charity. Could this be done by you, on my behalf?


Kind Regards

Gunnar Berg | Tromso, Norway



Dear Malcolm,


My plan was to come up yesterday and meet some people – but I unexpectedly had to take a son to hospital. In absentia, I must however congratulate all involved on putting on another tremendous festival of Chess. LCC sets a new standard in communicating the joy and challenge of chess to a wide audience.


The ‘Classic’ GMs and the commentators are all doing a great job representing chess.

Best wishes




To the Team at the London Chess Classic,


In some respects this is directed to Danny King and Lawrence Trent as the primary anchors for the commentary that accompanies the broadcast of the games, but I also need to include each and every person who is involved in the broadcast. Many, many thanks to all of you.


Tomorrow will be a day tinged with sadness in the early afternoon, because a bit over a week of being entertained by phenomenal chess as well as wonderful commentary will end. Perhaps in the days following the event, when energies are being restored and time permits some reflection on the success of the event, a few of you can read this email and others undoubtedly being sent by others appreciative of your efforts and know without a doubt that you provided the world with a top-shelf example of how to broadcast a chess tournament.


Thanks first of all to Malcolm Pein for organizing the event and also for understanding how to solicit donations in a professional and inviting manner. Too often I see histrionics on our local television stations or hear similar pleading on the public radio stations. Malcolm's straightforward message reached me, and I gladly donated to his cause. I hope that CSC flourishes in the coming years.


Thank you Danny King and Lawrence Trent for combining humor and analysis. Anyone interested in chess could learn a great deal about particular positions, openings, middlegames, and endgames while also gaining a better understanding of the ongoing games being discussed. This is not meant to slight the efforts of the other commentators, and I never turned off the sound, but Danny and Lawrence wore the microphones during the bulk of the time that I was able to watch.


Nigel Short does not need to be reminded that he is witty, and it would be witless to omit him next year. Please include Nigel on your broadcast team for the next tournament if possible. His anecdotes alone are a treat, but he also adds a great deal when someone needs to ask one of the super-GMs a pointed question about a position or plan or move and Nigel is the one posing the query.


As I indicated at the outset, this email is addressed to the team who made the London Chess Classic happen. Thanks again, and Happy Holidays.



Ted | Watertown, Connecticut USA





Thanks very much for your fantastic coverage of this event, being able to see the players at the board is a real bonus and the commentary has been amazing. its great that players come in to discuss their games afterwards even though listening to Kramnik rattling through long variations is so impressive it makes me feel rather inadequate lol.


one small improvement for next year : it would be nice to know many people are watching online at any one time but other than that i can;t see what else you could do to make it better.


Thanks again,

Richard | Crawley, England



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