Olympia Conference Centre, Kensington, London


From New York to LA


World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand (l)

during his simultaneous exhibition play in Los Angeles.


06.09.12 - Magnus Carlsen is not just the only London Chess Classic top seed "missing in action" at the Olympiad by promoting the educational benefits of the game for kids in the U.S. - Vishy Anand was in Los Angeles doing likewise!


The World Champion was making his first visit to the U.S. in 17-years - when he lost to Garry Kasparov in the 1995 world title match at the World Trade Centre in New York - as one of the leading tutors at the recent Metropolitan Chess camp to instruct the kids there, and how chess can benefit their analytical skills.


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Photo - Courtesy INDIAWEST

An Evening with Magnus Carlsen


05.09.12 - The world No1 and top seed for the London Chess Classic, Magnus Carlsen, has been missing in action at the Istanbul Olympiad - so, where is he? He’s been busy in the U.S. promoting - amongst other things - the academic benefits of the game, and was in New York for a week in August to run a chess camp and to hold several events with 1000 Passions, a startup that lets people sign up for exclusive experiences.


And Business Insider, the U.S. business/entertainment news website, was on hand with a report and exclusive video coverage of one of Carlsen's NYC exhibitions that includes an interview with the young Norwegian superstar.


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Video presented by Business Insider

Beating Men at their Own Game


30.08.12 - Each month on top US cable news service CNN, their feature Leading Women connects you with extraordinary women at the top of their chosen field. And today they focus on one of the participants of the 4th London Chess Classic - who else other than the one and only, Judit Polgar!


(CNN) -- In the game of chess, one woman has dominated all others for more than 20 years.


Judit Polgar has defeated nine world champions including Garry Kasparov, Boris Spassky and Viswanathan Anand, and is the only female ever to join an exclusive coterie of players rated above 2700 by the World Chess Federation.


Although she is the only woman ranked among the World Chess Federation's Top 100, Polgar has never won the Women's World Championship. By 14, she had so outstripped her female peers that she ceased competing in women's tournaments.


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Photo - Courtesy Judit Polgar

Pein at the Palace


31.07.12 - IM Malcolm Pein, the CEO of the British charity Chess in Schools and Communities, received the Royal seal of approval earlier this week at St James’s Palace.


He was presented with the ‘highly commended’ award by HRH Prince Edward the Earl of Wessex during the Sport and Recreation Alliance's Community Sport and Recreation awards ceremony. Congratulations!

Gone in 60 Minutes


Earlier this year, Magnus Carlsen, the top seed for the 2012 London Chess Classic, made an appearance on CBS’s flagship current affairs show, “60 minutes”, one of the US’s top primetime TV network shows, in a segment entitled “Mozart of Chess: Magnus Carlsen.” And last week, CBS aired a re-run of that particular show, and they have now made it available for everyone to watch on youtube at the CBSNewsOnline channel.


It’s one not to be missed, as the multi-Emmy winning 60 Minutes team go behind the scenes at last year's London Chess Classic to try to find out just what makes Magnus Carlsen the chess superstar he is.








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