Olympia Conference Centre, Kensington, London


Viktor Korchnoi's Simuls


Viktor is playing two 25 board simuls at this year's London Chess Classic on 5th December and 9th December. Both events take place in the East Hall starting at 17.00.


Simul 2 - 9th Dec

Viktor in good spirits before demolishing more unsuspecting customers



Having a great time and showing his opponents a few tricks.

Simul 1 - 5th Dec
The legendary Viktor Korchnoi in search of some simultaneous victims.

Yes it really is him. Viktor happy and 'ready to rock'. One of the finest chess players of all time.
Viktor always starts each game with a handshake.
All his opponents get the 'once over'.
Pressing the flesh as he makes his first circuit of the evening.
Early on and Viktor's already whizzing round the tables.
Always pleased to be playing chess and to be amongst chess players.
No easy games when playing a former World Championship contender.
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2011 London Chess Classic

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