Olympia Conference Centre, Kensington, London


British Knockout Championship Regulations





Quarter Finals on Tuesday 1st December;

Semi Finals on Wednesday 2nd December;

Final from Friday 4th December to Wednesday 9th December with play-off on Thursday 10th December.



Kensington Olympia Hilton Hotel, London, W14 8UX.


Format: Quarter Finals and Semi Finals

8 player KO seeded based on November 1 ratings: Quarter Finals: 1v8; 2v7; 3v6; 4v5.


Semi Finals: Winner of Match 1 plays Winner of Match 4 and Winner of match 2 plays Winner of match 3. Each round comprises: 2 Standardplay games and possible Rapidplay play-offs. A draw for colours in each match will be performed in November and all players advised.



Game 1: 1030-1430; Game 2: 1530-1900; Play-offs: 2030 to 2230.


Minimum 30 minute interval between the two standardplay games and before the play-offs. Minimum 10 minute interval between play-off games.



Time Limits: Standardplay (2 games) 90 mins plus 30 secs/move throughout. Play-Offs (2 games) 15 mins plus 5 secs/move. If still undecided, Armageddon game 6 mins v 5 mins with 3 secs/move from move 61.


The Final

The Final will be over six standardplay games followed by a play-off if necessary. The six standardplay games will be held in the East Hall alongside Rounds 1 and 3 to 7 of the FIDE Open. The timings will likely coincide with the FIDE Open. We may use the Auditorium on Wednesday 9th December for game 6. The time limit for the final will be 40 moves in 90 minutes plus all remaining moves in 30 minutes with a 30 second increment throughout.


The six games will be played daily from Friday 4th December until Wednesday 9th December, with play starting at 1630 each day. All six games will be played, and FIDE rated, even if the match is already decided.


Should a play-off be necessary, it will be held on Thursday 10th December, also starting at 1630.


The play-off, if needed, will be held on Thursday 10th December in the East Hall, starting at 1630. There will be two games at 25 mins plus 5 secs/move, followed if necessary by an Armageddon game as above.


All six games of the Final are to be played, even if the outcome is already decided. Permission from FIDE for any dead games to be FIDE rated will be sought.


Prize fund

1st: 20,000; 2nd: 10,000; 3rd-4th: 5,000 5th-8th: 2,500.


If the final ends 3-3 the prize fund will be split: 17,500 - 12,500.


All participants are required to play in the LCC Super Rapid on December 12th and 13th.


Chief Arbiter will be David Sedgwick.


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