The following players received invitations or qualified for the Championship and have accepted their invitations. They are listed in order of their FIDE Ratings as at 1st November 2016. David Howell is listed above Luke McShane by virtue of having played more games in the October 2016 rating period.





Nigel Short GM 2679


Gawain Jones GM 2663


David Howell GM 2655


Luke McShane GM 2655




Jonathan Hawkins GM 2590


Nicholas Pert GM 2566


Jonathan Rowson GM 2565


Daniel Fernandez IM 2450





On Tuesday 8th November 2016, under the supervision of David Sedgwick and of ECF Chief Executive Mike Truran, a draw was conducted to determine the players who will have White in Game 1 of each of the Quarter Finals and the Semi Finals, and in Games 1, 3 and 5 of the Final.



In accordance with the Regulations and the draw for colours described above, the pairings are as follows. The players on the left will have White in Game 1 (and in Games 1, 3 and 5 of the Final).


Quarter Final 1: Nigel Short v Daniel Fernandez
Quarter Final 2: Gawain Jones v Jonathan Rowson
Quarter Final 3: Nicholas Pert v David Howell
Quarter Final 4: Jonathan Hawkins v Luke McShane
Semi Final 1: Winner of Quarter Final 4 v Winner of Quarter Final 1
Semi Final 2: Winner of Quarter Final 2 v Winner of Quarter Final 3
Final (6 Games): Winner of Semi Final 2 v Winner of Semi Final 1



David Sedgwick

Chief Arbiter | 18 November 2016



Knockout regulations, format and draw in detail | Results



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